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Are you ready for an epic adventure? 

In this loveletter to classics like The Legend of Zelda or Neutopia, you take the role of the chosen hero of light to awaken the Goddess Tyria from her nightmare! Can you master all challenges on your journey to find the seven Light Crysts? Use your sword, shield and powerful magical tools to achieve your goal and save the world!

- The Tales of Tyria - 

In the beginning there was only emptiness and darkness…

Then the Goddess Tyria 
created the land and all living creatures... 

People lived in peace, enjoying their lives, thankful for the Goddess' gift of creation... 

Satisfied with her work, but very tired, the Goddess felt it was time for her to retract and rest…

Concerned for the safety of her beloved people and nature, she split  her soul into 7 crystals…
The Light Crysts, resting in the sacred temples of the world to this day, ready to be  used  to protect all life from darkness…

So the Goddess Tyria was sleeping quietly for a long time... 

But then... 
one day, her slumber turned into a nightmare since the portals of darkness had been opened. 
Monstrous creatures overran the world, spreading chaos and death, leaving the innocent people of Tyria in desperation and fear.

But there's still hope... 

When the hero of light appears to seek the 7 Light Crysts, using their remaining divine power to open the  portal to the celestial realm…

…to restore the Goddess' peace and to bring back light to the lands of Tyria.

Controls can be re-configured in the file menu, under controls. Gamepads are supported!

The default controls are:

Arrow-Keys: Control your character / Move cursor in menu

A-Key: Use your primary weapon, the sword / Confirm in menus / Interact with people / Open chests

S-Key: Use your equipped tool

D-Key: Open and close the menu when controlling your character

F-Key: Save your game when the menu is opened



Liam Kingdon - https://twitter.com/DEMULTIPLEXER12

Rolemusic & https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Rolemusic

Beta Testing

Julian Creutz

Martin Perry

Jay Pauley



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The style is superb! Clearly brings back classics without only copying them.

Thank you very much! :)


Best game I have played in months!


thank you so much! :)


Cool vibes


thank you! :)


Great game! I enjoyed playing it! (and I'll keep playing it)

Very connected to the classic style of Zelda games. All the graphics fit pretty well in the game environment, I like it!

And the soundtrack is really good, the dungeon soundtrack is the one I like the most because it really makes the mood. And the sound fx I like the most is the textboxes typewriting, hehe.

Here's a pose from the hero, well suited for screenshots ;D


Thank you, my friend! :)

Glad you like it!

so far, it is really cool zelda-like game, I am still playing it but I think there is some stuff that can make it a lot better. overall, it is a great game :) 

- Faster attack animation

- Faster movement

- Boss battles in the dungeon should have a different track to give you feeling that this is not just ordinary room

- The snake boss got stuck in the upper right corner and didn't move which made it easy to kill

- sound effect when you hit the boss

thanks for your Feedback. :)

I consider implementing your suggestions and make a patch!


nice looking game

Thank you! :)


Really cool game so far man! Keep up the good work! :)

Thank you so much! Glad you like it! :)