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- This game was made for GBJam8 -

Music by RyanAvx


You take the role of Leticia, a young princess, on her quest to search for the super-royal-and-very-important gem!

Jump and run across 12 different stages, avoid or stomp enemies and collect coins to get even richer!

If you happen to find a crown, put it on your head and shoot magic fireballs!


Arrow-Keys: Move left and right

A-Key: Jump (hold to jump higher)

S-Key: Shoot fireballs when you have the crown powerup

Return: Confirm in title-screen and ending-screen

Spacebar: Cycle through color palettes

Controllers / gamepads are supported, button bindings may vary depending on model.


- Collect 100 coins for an extra-life

- Sometimes waiting and watching enemies / surroundings can be helpful

- Donate to make the developer happy :)


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LeticiaLandWin32.zip 20 MB
LeticiaLandWin64.zip 21 MB
LeticiaLandLinux32.zip 21 MB
LeticiaLandLinux64.zip 22 MB


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Here's my playthrough.

very nice, thank you for playing!

Nice Job!

Thank you! :)

No Problem! :)

Have you considered making this game for Game Boy using GB Studio?


Actually no. Good idea.



I plan to make a sequel game as well. With more content, since this was made for a few days long game jam.


That would be awesome! *_*

I liked very much this game! Reminds me to Super Mario Land! Is very simple, but is very funny!! My congratulations!!!

Thank you! :)


This was a very fun and challenging experience! Congrats on making a very cool game! :) 


Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it! :)


downloaded the linux64 zip, but it seems like a project folder, rather than the game exported to run? lots of .gdc files, but cannot find a game file to run.


Hey, sorry about that, I messed up the files.

I re-uploaded, can you try again please?


yep, it worked this time.

this is a REALLY polished game. music, gfx etc. reminds me a little of mayhem in monsterland for the c64. great work.


Thank you very much!:)