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Hyper HD - A classic nes-inspired retro platformer shooter with charming 8-bit music!

In the year 30XX, when humanity was gone for a long time, headroids rule over planet earth. You might think robots have learned from their creators mistakes, but no. The evil malfunctioning L.E.A.K. took over the city and spreads chaos and destruction to the citizens. You, Hyper HD, are the only hope left to stop him and his eight powerful headroids.


Music - Aamp @aamptrack

Keyboard and GamePad support. Use arrow keys or joypad to move. Other keys and buttons can be changed in settings menue in game. 

This demo features 1 of 11 levels of the full version.

Full version will be released soon. For feedback please mail to: pcatta01@gmail.com, contact me via Twitter - P_Cat_- or leave a comment here. Have fun!


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Gave a good try at the demo, I think it's pretty fun, and you defenitely captured the old mega-man feel. The soundtrack is great and while the mechanics aren't new I think they definitely get the nostalgia going.

If you loved MegaMan this really is for you.

One thing I'd suggest is to put your 2 game pages together, and just make one so it's easier to see the demo also as a full game and that the game as a free demo.

Thank you for the feedback!

Good idea, will do that!


I played your demo! The game is very fun but also very hard! I played in easy mode and died like 5 times at the beginning LOL The Keyboard controls take time to get used to so I definitely recommend a controller to play!

Otherwise I thought the game was a lot of fun! I love the graphics, controls are good and great soundtrack and effects!! Very Mega Manish which I like, is there a boss in the demo? I haven't gotten there yet:))) 

Maybe add some type of healing item? 

Great job to the developer, will definitely get the full version!!


Thank you very much for your feedback! :))

There is an item which completely restores your health:

You can buy an E-Tank in the shop for 40 bolts. In full version you can find them in some stages.

Maybe I'll let the player start with one of them.