Farmorea Beta V3

Hello guys!

I spent the last days fixing some more bugs. The most important bugfixes are

- Game window does not receive mouse input anymore when inactive
- adjusted colours of grass / bush / tree leaves spawn
- inventory digits fixed
- removed mouse sensitivity option since it was causing bugs and is not needed anymore due to rewritten mouse input system
- screen transition fade out fixed
- fixed glitched stair graphics in dungeons
- fixed construction site fences
- Shopkeeper movement bugfix

Here are also some changes in content / gameplay:

- New craftable item: Copper bomb
- New craftable item: Wooden path
- Shop has 2 floors now (rightclick the stairs to enter)
- some new sound effects

Also some tipps for playing:
- The word you enter in the hobby-box when creating the character determines how the world and NPCs are generated as well as the time of year you will start. Maybe try some different ones?
- The shop goods are depending on season and change every week
- use earned experience point to increase your skills on the skillboard. So you will be able to break rocks faster, increase your health or stamina etc..
- The outside temperature is a big factor for dehydration rate. Don't forget your bottle to drink.

The next update will mainly be focusing on new content like some new stores and questing. Also I'll be soon adding the possibility to explore more of the region around the farm and city.

I hope you enjoy!


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Jan 10, 2018

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