Beta version 2 uploaded

After some days of bugfixing we now have Beta version 2 uploaded.

Here are the most important changes:

  • Drawing artifacts showing as a grid on tiles on some GPU's fixed
  • crash fixed: When in dungeon and returning to titlescreen, game was crashing on new game / load game
  • NPC despawn bug fixed (actually he teleported to a wrong map)
  • when used mouse wheel in menu, the next frame after closing it still fired that event
  • fixed a small bug that prevented interior wall shadows from drawing
  • removed dynamic ambient sound sources since they seem to be working not on every computer (they play VERY loud on some machines), needs more testing to be implemented again
  • when a textbox with portrait popped up, there was one frame the entire screen was not drawn, resulting in an ugly little but noticable blink of screen. Fixed.
  • Some translation errors
  • Time stayed stopped when closing the chest menue via X-Button, fixed
Content changes
  • butterflies in nature maps
  • new sound effects (pickaxe)
  • lowered dehydration rate, since some players complained about it being to fast. Especially in summer when temperatures are high.
  • interior walls have smoothened edges

Have fun! :)


FarmoreaBeta_V2.rar 61 MB
Jan 05, 2018

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