Devlog update 1

Hello everyone, I'm starting a devlog for Farmorea, so you can see all the new stuff and bugfixes that will be content of the next updated version of the game. I hope you enjoy and thanks for supporting the game.

New gameplay or visual related stuff:

  • You will now encounter butterflies in the outside maps. They come in every color. Maybe you'll see a golden one some time?
  • When your character walks through high grass it will make a sound now
  • I added an option to the settings tab in menue which allows you to adjust the function of your mouse wheel. You can switch between scrolling through your inventory items or to zoom in and out. Also, there's a combination of both modes that handles each of the functions depending on whether your mouse cursor is over the inventory or not
  • Added shadows and smooth edges to interior walls


  • Some of you might have experienced ugly artifacts showing up as a kind of grid while playing. This was caused by different drawing modes of Graphics Cards. This is now entirely fixed and should work for everyone.
  • Using mouse wheel while in menue zoomed one step after closing the menue. Fixed now.
  • Some NPC's despawned from map. Not anymore.
  • Crash fixed that occured when returning to title screen while in a dungeon and starting a new game or loading a savestate.
  • When closing a chest inventory via the X-Button, time stayed frozen.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in different languages


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Dec 31, 2017

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