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Welcome to Farmorea!

Beta v2    (CANCELED)

Build your own farm, grow crops, go mining, make money.

You decide what you want to do in this sandbox adventure, where the world is generated differently every time you start a new game.

The procedural generation is limited on purpose in the beta version. The full version will be a never ending story in which you are the main actor creating and changing the world and people around you.

Please note that this is still a very early in-developement beta version. Bugs and/or crashes can of course happen. If so, please let us know and we will fix it. Also, we appreciate your opinion to make the game better for you.

 Customizable character (more clothing, hair styles etc. will follow)
Randomly generated NPC's
Building your own buildings (more building parts, interior possibilities will follow)
Crafting items
Character skill developement via 'Skillboard'
Around 70 items
6 different crops that can be planted and harvested
Randomly generated dungeon(s), basic combat, 2 enemy types
3 languages supported: English, Spanish, German

Beta version 3changes:

  • New item: Copper bomb (craftable)
  • New item: Wooden path (craftable)
  • Text-enter boxes in character creation screen can be quick-switched with TAB-key now
  • Game window does not receive mouse input anymore when inactive
  • adjusted colours of grass / bush / tree leaves spawn
  • inventory digits fixed
  • removed mouse sensitivity option
  • screen transition fade out fixed
  • fixed glitched stair graphics in dungeons
  • fixed construction site fences
  • Shopkeeper movement bugfix
  • Shop has 2 floors now (rightclick the stairs to enter)
  • some new sound effects

Beta version 2 changes:

  • Fixed grid like drawing artifacts
  • lowered dehydration rate, since some players complained about it being too fast. Especially in summer when temperatures are high.
  • Removed water ambience sound
  • Added butterflies
  • Time stayed stopped when closing the chest menue via X-Button, fixed
  • crash fixed: When in dungeon and returning to titlescreen, game was crashing on new game / load
  • NPC despawn bug fixed (actually he teleported to a wrong map)
  • walking through grass soundeffects
  • added option for mouse wheel usage (Zoom [as before], InventoryScroll and both [depending on mouse over inventory or over map])

Known bugs (Fixing asap):

  • Soundeffects or music not playing (Monogame issue)

Recommended System requirements:

  • Windows 10
  • 168 MB free disc space
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 3,10 GHz processor
  • AMD Radeon R7 Graphics Card (or better)


WASDMove player, move skillboard
ESCOpen menue, close menue, cancel
Left Mouse ButtonUse equipped item / tool
Right Mouse ButtonExamine / Talk to people / Open doors
Middle Mouse ButtonReset camera zoom
Mouse wheelZoom in or out / scroll lists
F4Switch to fullscreen mode (default)
F5Switch to windowed mode

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