Arken - New updated Version

Hello everyone! As promised on Social Media, here is the newest version of my procedurally generated ARPG 'Arken'.

This time, there was a big content update. You are now able to craft items, brew medicine and use the power of the winds to travel fast!

You can now find up to 7 empty bottles and the Tornado Triangle. Search in houses, caves and the overworld chests for them!

For the detailed changelog please see below and as always, have fun! :)


  • Implemented a new item: The empty bottle allows you to create medicine and magic potions. Talk to the medicine makers of the world.
  • Implemented 12 potions: Each potion can be refined one time, increasing its effect. 
  • Implemented upgraded version of items: Each item besides bombs can be upgraded one time, increasing their effect. Talk to the blacksmiths of the world.
  • Implemented a new item: The Tornado Triangle let's you summon a whirlwind that takes you to activated Marks of the Wind God. Inside of dungeons it will take you to the exit immediately.
  • NPC's in caves can now have treasure chests that help you on your way.
  • Updated NPC hints. They can tell you where the optional items are hidden.
  • Improved procedural generation. Dungeons are more versatile now.
  • New puzzle: Ground switches (also look below pots!)
  • Minor bugfixes like generation errors

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Feb 10, 2019

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