Arken - New updated version available!

Hello everyone!

This week I was working hard to fix some bugs and implement some new gameplay features!

See the changelog:

  • The completely new 'Ruins' biome can now be explored!
  • Meet one of the three sages of Arken. He will give you directions and has a new item for you! He lives not far of your home.
  • Marked locations on your map (see the sage)
  • Fast text for textboxes. Just mash one of the two action buttons to quickly scroll through text.
  • Improved proc-gen, now generating some roads and more interesting maps
  • Your mana will now recover automatically after some time
  • Secret NPC's will not only provide you with hints and tipps, they now have some items for you to find as well in their caves. Also they now have some furniture (super important! :D).
  • Fixed some misgenerating river bridges
  • Fixed some more generation issues
  • Fixed a bug where whenever you entered a stair from the water your spawning point was messed up
  • In caves, stairs no longer intersect the way to another screen

As always, please have fun and I really appreciate feedback & bug reports! :-)

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Feb 01, 2019

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