Arken Alpha 0.2

Hello everyone!

I just uploaded a new version of 'Arken', the procedurally generated ARPG / Zeldalike.

Thanks to all of you giving feedback and helping to improve the game. It's now exactly 7 weeks of developement and I have still a lot of work in front of me, but also I have many ideas and plans to make the game better and better!

Changelog 'Arken Alpha 0.2'
  • Implemented deep water and holes -> you can swim by entering the deep water with flippers. In this version you automatically start with flippers. Otherwise you would drown (lose half an energy crystal). Enemies will avoid water, but you can strike them into the water to drown them. Same goes for holes.
  • Dungeons are now item locked. That means in order to enter the dungeon, you will need a specific item, which can be found in the item before (see map in menue for Level number). In future versions this quest logic will extend (with many more new items).
  • Certain enemies can now drop bombs, but only after obtaining the bomb bag.
  • River landscapes with bridges will now be generated.
  • Fixed some minor bugs with procedural generation
  • Fixed some gameplay bugs

Stay tuned for the next update, they are very likely to happen every week. Also I will set up a Discord server for those interested in the developement of the game and to report bugs. Thank you very much for all your support!

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Jan 27, 2019

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