Weekly Devlog of Arken

Hello everyone!

Here's a short summary of what I have been doing this week. Great progress has been made!

Dungeon 1 finished

The first dungeon is completely finished including a unique boss fight! Here are some screenshots:

Translation work

I had implemented a fully working localization system before, but this week I finally translated everything. So, currently the game can be played in German and English.

Bugfixes & QOL improvements

- rolling & sword thrust attack now have corner detection and slide movement as well, no more stuck at corners, better game feel.

- Golden fairy respawn fixed

- Golden fairy locations can be added to the item-pool in Item Randomizer mode (optional).

- Fixed some rendering issues

If you want to support the developement, please donate / buy me a KoFi:


Thank you very much and have a great weekend!


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Looks amazing <3

thank you very much! :)

Awesome stuff P-cat!


Thank you! Your music is amazing!