Continued working on Arken

Hey everyone!

The last few weeks I was completely re-doing the game from scratch!

I wanted to share some footage of the newly designed game. 

Not only the graphics have been improved,

the game will now come with 3 different game modes!

Story-Mode: The vanilla game where you have your best ARPG experience with a storyline, premade maps and dungeons.

Item-Randomizer: In this mode, the items are shuffled around in the vanilla game vicinity. Depending on the seed, you will experience different routes to beat the game in your standard game world!

World-Randomizer: This is the mode that was actually the original game idea. The world and dungeons are completely different every time you select a new seed. The procedural generation will let you experience a completely new game world on every newly generated game file!

You can follow the developement with almost daily updates on my twitter page:

For discussion (also on all my other games) join the Discord server:

If you want to support me and the developement, feel free to buy me a Ko-Fi:

Stay tuned for further updates!


PS: Here some more screenshots

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Feb 16, 2019

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it looks so fun

thank you! :)

Your game fits smoothly with all the mechanics. Great job!

Thank you! Glad you like it! :)

Your game has come a long way, great job! Continue with the devlogs!👍

it's time to finish it finally 😀

Thank you! ☺️