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Thank you so much for this game!!! this is quite incredible actually. i enjoy the random world but would absolutely love to be able to save the game progress. the game plays very well so far. 


This looks so cool! Whish I could play it, got a mac. I'd be happy to try and help get something working for mac.

Hi, I tried running the game with wine on mac, but got an error about .NET v4 not found. I'd appreciate if you could do a mac build. I'm happy to help you with that.

Hi, unfortunately this is Windows only for now. 

Seems like the .NET framework is missing, is there a way you can install it with wine? 

Do you know how to make a Mac build with Monogame Xna? I would happily accept your help.

You could try one of these:

  • Build Mac versions on a Mac and Linux versions on Linux. Ugh.
  • Use .NET Core (template here) to build self-contained releases that run on Windows, Mac, or Linux without requiring .NET Framework. This is pretty cool, but was honestly a nightmare for me to setup and I cannot describe it all here.
  • Port your game from MonoGame to FNA. (Shouldn't be difficult.)
  • Use MonoKickstart to package Mac and Linux runtimes with your game.

There goes another one:

Watch a short video for explicit visual details:


 I've started playing this game like half an hour ago and I must say it's excellent, at least for an alpha ver. I'm really looking forward to it's official release.

 If you don't mind, can I be reporting some bugs for you? I'm a novice Game Tester and I'd love to develop and increase my testing skills, and I found this Alpha, which is so good that I'd love to playtest it completely.

 I'll be letting you a few bugs here, but please make me know if you rather not want me to do it anymore. Thanks a lot for the game!

Check out a small video just in case I wasn't clear (I'm new so my vocabulary may not be quite professional yet, sorry for that):

Hey there!

Thank you very much, glad you like the game so far! :-)

I'm fine with posting bug reports here or at my twitter page:

That's a great help to improve the game and fixing bugs, so thank you very much!

Here's a quick response to the things you've found so far:

- the sword attack through walls was actually intended, although it seems a bit OP and unrealistic. I might change that in the future.

- the water you encountered is shallow water (deep water does not exist in the version you played). It is intended that the player can pass through normally. The only thing that I want to do here is a sound effect when moving through and a small visual indicator (slight waves around the player's feet). 

Again, thank you very much and stay tuned for the updated version which will be uploaded today!

Excellent then, I'll be waiting for it excited!


Gonna start playtesting this game right now :3


Oh my word, this is very GBC Zelda. Wish you the best of luck.

I contact you on behalf of Softpedia's gaming department. 
We have added your game in our database, and would like you to contact us for further details.

We await your Reply!

Hello, please contact me via email:


Can't wait for a full release of this game :)



Your game is really fun so far! The game runs very smooth and even though I played with keyboard is was easy to control. It took me a minute to figure out to go back into the house and get the sword LOL I just wanted to run off and adventure! Will there be some kind of magic in this game? Enemies are fun too, love the ones from one of the caves who just pop up from the ground:)))

Looking forward to the full game and more updates! Definitly recommend, this developer knows what he is doing:))) Super fun so far!


This is really coming along! I think the world and dungeons definitely seems proc-gen rather than the hand crafted, interconnected worlds of classic zeldas and the enemy variety is small right now (i know, it's still very early on!), but it feels right to control. Everything has the right weight and speed to it. Can't wait to see more.

Thank you very much for your feedback! :)

I'm going to update the game every few weeks, there will be more enemies, more different biomes and improved proc gen. As you stated, it's very early, but since the interest on social media was growing I wanted to have the people have a playable build already after 7 weeks.  So, stay tuned :)